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Hi, I'm Shannon!I'm a Taiwanese American writer, artist, and game developer based in Los Angeles, CA. Sometimes also three raccoons in a trench coat.I love to write about mundane things in fantastical settings!Current: Narrative Lead at Go Face GamesPrevious: Writer / Narrative Designer (PlayMe Studios, This Magical Girl is a B*tch, Belle Automata, One Final Moment of Clarity, The Sorrow of Silk, The Working Woman's Guide to Burning Bridges)
23' Women in Games International Mentee for the WIGI Mentorship Program
'23 IGDA Foundation's Velocity Cohort for the Virtual Exchange Program
Spring '23 Cohort for Pixelles Game Writing Program
Fall '22 Cohort for Code Coven's Intro to Game Making in Unreal Engine

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© Shannon Chou

About the writer/artist

Shannon Chou is a writer, artist, and game developer based in Southern California.With a background in ecology and studio art and a passion for writing, Shannon enjoys finding new ways to combine elements from all three fields in her creative projects.Her favorite themes to work with are usually centered around diaspora, found families, social identity, magic, and animals in clothes (and sometimes, magical animals in clothes).Shannon is currently working on several (secret!) projects, indulging in her enthusiasm for immersive world-building and championing player agency.When she isn't trawling baby name sites for good npc names or stuck deep in an obscure wikipedia rabbit hole, Shannon enjoys cooking, watching animated media, playing video games "for research," and mistaking various dark objects for her cat.Available for full-time, freelance, and contract work!

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